My name is Alex Drummond,

I’m as fairly normal as you can get (whatever that means).

I’m originally from London,  now live in Wales and hit rock bottom about 2 years ago.

I hated my life but more so I hated myself. Until recently

I have been involved in addiction for many years and through various treatment centers, and whilst alcohol was never my drug of choice, I have used alcohol and drugs in some for pretty much every week for the past 17 years.

When I first went to rehab I had to log and journal all my feelings and emotions, I found this useful so this then elaborated to a blog, which has now become a website and maybe one day a book.

I’ve never written properly or designed websites (so I apologies in advance), its all self taught especially when it comes to the tech side but the writing is from the heart.

It makes grim reading in parts with a light sprinkle of hope and optimism as I head towards this current phase of my life.

I cant guarantee there wont be further negative chapters as this is the nature of the addiction beast but ill do all I can to stay on the straight and narrow.

Thank you for following my journey and I hope that somewhere this maybe reaches out and resonates with someone and who knows may even save somebody’s life.

A reader of one of my recent blogs said to me:


As painful as it is to share sometimes, you might just be saving a life”

“So you,  are an angel to someone!!!”


As well as me staying clean, comments like this is also my motivation!

Addiction is a cruel mistress and one that I had a long, sometime beautiful but mainly destructive relationship with.

I hope she never comes back into my life.

Its a fight, but i’m up for it!