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Drug addicts…. The scum of the Earth!!!

Having been through rehab twice now for addiction to cocaine, I have learnt that as an addict you need to change the way we think. But how can the addict be expected to change the way they think when society… Continue Reading →

Dr Jekyll and Mr Snide

The story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has since the late 19th century been used as an metaphor for having a split personality. Someone who shows a good side and has an alter ego with bad traits almost like… Continue Reading →

Goodbye to the love of my life

This blog is my letter of farewell to Cocaine, my drug of choice and a love affair that lasted for years. Its an honest letter written by myself in rehab. When giving up drugs or any addiction, especially after a… Continue Reading →

From riches to rags.

Addiction, recovery, lapse, relapse Addiction, recovery, lapse, relapse. Anyone who is either in active addiction or as been an addict an this cycle will understand that you get stuck on the hamsters wheel and go round and round, spinning so… Continue Reading →

The Good fight

Battling addiction is a fight. I’ve been in a fair few scraps over the years, some physical, some mental and some sports based, but trying to stay clean from substances of any sort is a different ballgame all together. Its… Continue Reading →

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